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A large international corporation has a new, unnecessary product with no long term safety studies and no proof of efficacy.

Their target market is already struggling to make ends meet, so it is unlikely they will spend money on something they neither want nor need, and which may be dangerous and useless.

Corporations are guaranteed customers for any shoddy product if they can secure a contract with government.

Government can even create artificial demand, and sometimes force the mandatory consumption of goods or services through policy and legislation.

They offer the product to the public—whether they want it or not—free of charge, then pay the corporation for the goods with money taken from the public in tax.

Although you are free to decline any offer of goods or services, you are forced to pay taxes under threat of prison.

This is organised crime.

Although we are breaking the law when we fund organised crime, we continue to pay taxes to avoid incarceration. We convince ourselves to overlook the threats of violence, extortion and exploitation because we are provided with schools and hospitals and roads in the bargain.

Nobody has the right to confiscate any portion of your income or property.

If any road mending or war fighting requires my funding, I am prepared to consider any detailed proposal, and I will determine for myself if I wish to contribute.

The safe response to state sponsored crime of this magnitude is to avoid needless conflict. You will be kidnapped and locked in a concrete room with a metal door if you refuse to pay tax. It is best to accept that we live in a slick racketeering scam run by a gang much larger than ours.

But if we learn the THREE PRINCIPLES of freedom, and understand the difference between POWER and AUTHORITY we will create the circumstances where common sense and morality can discipline illegitimate, criminal authority.

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