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stop tyranny with simple cooperation only a psychopath would refuse

with SIMPLE COOPERATION only a PSYCHOPATH would refuse

AUTOMATIC PEACE is a short book and easy to read.


You can only get it directly from me.


It will explain the truth about power and authority in three simple parts:

Nine fundamental truths

The essential criteria you need to understand

Three easy principles

Standards we all recognise which make it possible

What happens next

A guide to how the future could look like

soon you will confidently understand the difference between power and authority

Discipline insubordinate government

Learn the difference between power and authority

Arrest dangerous


Offer a fair trial to seemingly untouchable criminals

Live how

you choose

Get back to enjoying all the good things about being alive

testimonials recommended by people you know

Your book is brilliant. Really, really good. All of the philosophies and mind armour anyone needs, distilled into tiny, bite size explosive chunks that cuts every extra bit of gristle off.

Our Sun Tzu, perhaps.




Darren Nesbit
The Light

The Automatic Peace campaign proposes solutions to all the world's ills that are so simple you wonder what you've missed, as nothing can be that easy...


or is that the whole point?



start now read the book automatic peace

All you have to do is read the book:

automatic peace pile of books

Everything else will follow...

You can stop speculating, worrying and arguing. Simplify your life, improve your future.

You have nothing to fear:

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