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stop tyranny without even trying

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Dangerous idiots have too much power.


Our problem is agreeing upon who the idiots are, what they are up to and what we are going to do about them.

The more we quibble, the more power they grab.

You can prevent these idiots from ruining your life with 3 easy principles.


You will find them in my short book:

automatic peace book cover

AUTOMATIC PEACE reminds you that nobody ~however powerful~ has the right to prevent you living how you choose.

I invite you to let go of anxiety. Reject speculation. Waste no energy trying to prove impossible things to closed minds. Stop alienating yourself from your social circles. Speak with confidence, regardless of the cultural, social or political expectations of others.


Whatever you believe the problem to be, whoever you suspect is responsible, what new development looms; whether the 'news' is true or not, the contents of this book remain valid. Forever.

AUTOMATIC PEACE is not available to read online.

I encourage you to own physical property, to hold in your hands something of tangible worth that will never be edited, erased, censored or shadow banned.

automatic peace pile of books

Take your place in history

(or show me how wrong I am)


AUTOMATIC PEACE is not for the immoral
, the hypocrite or the coward.

AUTOMATIC PEACE is for reasonable people who are exasperated with failing politics, corrupt economics and worthless media.

For those who are bored of the antagonism, mockery and alienation for exercising free choice:

Sick of being threatened by moral imbeciles.



Your book is brilliant. Really, really good. All of the philosophies and mind armour anyone needs, distilled into tiny, bite size explosive chunks that cuts every extra bit of gristle off.

Our Sun Tzu, perhaps.



darren nesbit the light paper

Darren Nesbit
The Light

The Automatic Peace campaign proposes solutions to all the world's ills that are so simple you wonder what you've missed, as nothing can be that easy...


or is that the whole point?



mark devlin speaker dj author



Click here to download the essential criteria for understanding the principles of AUTOMATIC PEACE:

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