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stop tyranny with simple cooperation only a psychopath would reject

with SIMPLE COOPERATION only a PSYCHOPATH would refuse

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dangerous idiots have too much power

They meddle in your private affairs; travel, finance, healthcare, food, trade, privacy, the physical & mental development of your children—even your own opinions.

Our problem is agreeing upon who the idiots are, what they are up to and what we are going to do about them because the world is utterly confusing:

As life becomes harder to understand, our obsessive speculation about tyranny is exactly how tyranny propagates:

Over stimulation creates fear and uncertainty.


Fear and uncertainty leads to conflict.


Conflict is always the excuse for authoritarianism.


Let me remind you that nobody—however powerful—has the right to prevent you living how you choose.

Decline false authority

Learn how to assert your

own authority

Secure private property

Create the power to defend what is rightfully yours

Enjoy life again

Shift your attention to the things you prioritise

Your book is brilliant. Really, really good. All of the philosophies and mind armour anyone needs, distilled into tiny, bite size explosive chunks that cuts every extra bit of gristle off.

Our Sun Tzu, perhaps.




Darren Nesbit
The Light

The Automatic Peace campaign proposes solutions to all the world's ills that are so simple you wonder what you've missed, as nothing can be that easy...


or is that the whole point?




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automatic peace pile of books

AUTOMATIC PEACE is not for the immoral, the hypocrite or the coward.

AUTOMATIC PEACE is for reasonable people who are exasperated with failing politics, corrupt economics and worthless media.

For those who are bored of the antagonism, mockery and alienation for exercising free choice:

Sick of being threatened by moral imbeciles.


AUTOMATIC PEACE features THREE simple parts:

Nine fundamental truths

The essential criteria you need to understand

Three easy principles

Standards we all recognise which make it possible

One acceptable outcome

Safety, freedom and peace for all concerned.

  • If this is so simple, why has nobody done it yet?
    Most of us are distracted by the trials of daily life; work, family, leisure. Add to this the swirling mass of stimulation we receive from the media about everything and nothing: nonsense distraction to terrifying threats to our safety. It is hardly surprising we do not find the time or the silence to consider the fundamental aspects of freedom. Neither do we have a tangible, visible focal point we can point to if we wish to tell others how to stop tyranny. This is my humble attempt to bridge those shortcomings. Give it a chance.
  • How can this work when we have no money or power?
    The point of this project is to be as accessible as possible to as many of us who recognise the need for it. Therefore it is designed to work regardless of your intellect, wealth, strength or arsenal. These principles are fundamental ideas which can spread without effort, eventually undermining the institutions which hold up tyranny. Get started today, with nothing and you will overcome!
  • Is this just about inner peace and accepting our fate?
    Nope. Inner peace and unconditional acceptance are essential to the development of the human experience. But the ideas presented here are for practical application in the real world. I do not want to settle for inner bliss while dangerous idiots exploit my mind, body and labour. Would you? Read this short book and find out how to fight for yourself respect with the minimum effort.
  • Where do you ship to?
    World wide.
  • Can I return it if I do not like it?
    Just send it back to me for a full refund, minus payment processing fees.
stop tyranny with cooperation only a psychopath would reject

with SIMPLE COOPERATION only a PSYCHOPATH would refuse

Read my FREE guide:

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