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I use the term 'government' as a collective noun for a gang of politicians. A politician is just a stranger who made a career choice. I have no reason to believe a politician can serve our interests above their own. I have not voted for 20 years because I cannot—in good conscience—put my name to the actions of the state.

I am not a doctor, professor or philosopher. I am no academic, politician nor economist. I have never had a spiritual revelation which was not tied to narcotic provocation. I cannot say if the devil is real or not.

I have learned to invest my energy in things which remain unaffected by the tumultuous business of global politics, hollow culture or corporate media. I seek counsel from things I can depend upon: Answers that were true a thousand years ago, and will remain true forever.

I prioritise hard work at a steady pace; careful and with deep consideration. When I am satisfied, I share my results.

I enjoy good reputation without payed advertising. I never accept donations or sponsorship. I am not affiliated with any political party or ideology. I have no ties to any corporate interests.

I am, and will always be, 100% independent.

My name is Stuart Farr, but my cat says Meow when she wants me. You could make whatever sound you like if you speak of me—it is non of my business.

stuart farr portrait

I publish irregular updates via email only.

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