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The world at large appears to be a heaving morass of confusion, anxiety and suspicion...

This world view is dictated by an irresponsible stream of nauseating mood terrorism. The full spectrum disruption of corporate social media; a 24 hour bombardment of contention, stress and alarm. 


Life has become a miserable slew of social-cultural-political belief, characterised by the incessant chatter of several billion voices screaming to be heard.

From between these distractions, we are infantilised by well-marketed experts who assume themselves our guardians. Condescending politicians micro-manage our daily lives with misplaced confidence. Futurists describe tyranny, and call it progress.

As the fabric of society is undermined by the over-stimulation of modernity, any perceivable circumstance is fractured and polarised to the Nth degree.

We insist on policing each other with mockery and shame when we disagree. Close families and lifelong friendships are torn apart in our hyper-polarised now!

As we argue with loved ones, we tempt the conceivable fate of losing our humanity.

Both sides of any argument share something in common: We all fear our opponent will take our rights, freedoms and choices away. Be it Republicans vs Democrats. Antifa vs Patriot Front, or Your Family vs the World Economic Forum.

Finding peace of mind and self assured confidence becomes a great strain when honest caution and reasonable doubt have been recharacterised as the dangerous conduct of a lunatic fringe:

Independence is selfish, and preparedness is paranoia. The strong beliefs of others are dangerous, if not criminal. Legitimate inquiry is maligned as a "threat to democracy" and a lack of enthusiasm for the popular opinion gets you shamed as a deviant, whilst common sense is overshadowed by self appointed 'fact checkers' of questionable sincerity.

Regardless of any insistence to the contrary; caution and doubt about the integrity of people we have never met is healthy and natural.

With the staggering audacity of 'global preparedness', our lack of trust in corporate media and domineering tech/pharma/agriculture industries, the true nature of the world is barely comprehensible.

Whether our circumstances are engineered by wealthy psychopaths with deliberate, malicious intent, or the result of careless negligence by public servants, unfit for office—the observable results remain:

Our doubts and fears are eagerly met with controlling authority and excessive interference­—we demand tighter regulation of the affairs of others with stunning arrogance.

When human nature becomes increasingly prohibited, to mitigate ever-more traumatising claims (our suspected carbon footprint, private vaccination status or assumed hatred fuelled by inferred privilege) we swap free choice for revocable license, inviting totalitarian regulation.

Everyone is opposed to tyranny, and yet it persists in many varied forms for every last one of us. Different permutations, variant expressions, endless flavours; but we all suffer to some degree.

Our solutions are varied, our actions uncoordinated. We remain separate, standing only for our personal interests; and we continue to suffer. While we argue over our predictions, preferences and subjective experiences—the juggernaut rolls on.

I can freely admit that I do not know what the fuck is going on with the world: And as life grows more insufferable, I see no sense in battling every expression of authoritarianism, conflict and uncertainty.

Instead, I reject itall-inclusive and without discriminationin favour of living how I choose; with honesty, integrity and courage.

I have identified 3 easy principles which enable all of us to live how we choose.


You can find them in my short book:


I offer you the self confidence to live your life how you choose, to restore ambition in our future, and find pleasure in living again!

Forget the problem, embrace to the solution!

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