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Our lives have become dominated by uncertainty.
soldier with gun blood futile endless war for freedom
Many of us accept
as the necessary cost freedom...
many of us accept endless war as the necessary cost of freedom


CLIMATE change catastrophe global warming power station cooling tower

Most people recognise the CLIMATE EMERGENCY as the consequence of corporate greed and personal irresponsibility; the solution to which is legislation based in science.


Public trust in experts was justified when a naturally occurring health threat produced an awe-inspiring display of human cooperation—leading to a miracle of modern healthcare:

SYRINGE vaccine antivax covid 19 coronavirus big pharma myocarditis adverse events side effect


industrial pharmaceuticals

"ROLLED OUT" in record time.


Billions of sensible people know that needless death and destruction wrought by ILLEGAL WARScoordinated by military industrial racketeers—is WICKED and FUTILE.

A great many of our friends are concerned that GOVERNMENT OVERREACH could be justified by a CLIMATE EMERGENCY.

And a steady growing number of academics suspect that a new definition of PANDEMIC allows PRIVATE INTERESTS to wreak havoc on a world wide scale.


CCTV DRONE CCTV surveillance technocracy new world order fascist state 1984 brave new world prison facial recognition social credit track and trace
DRONE track and trace CCTV surveillance technocracy new world order fascist state 1984 brave new world prison facial recognition social credit

Or maybe not...

DRONE CCTV track and trace surveillance technocracy new world order fascist state 1984 brave new world prison facial recognition social credit

Maybe these seemingly honest occurrences are, in fact, LETHAL FRAUDS based upon irrational claims that remain unproven, and are paving the way for a TECHNOCRATIC REVOLUTION marketed as the 'New Normal' by a syndicate of unelected, super-rich fanatics.

...still, tomorrow's world is barely comprehensible to many of us...


and we cannot discuss our concerns without alienating ourselves.


CONSPIRACY theory protest sheep npc

We insist on policing each other with mockery and shame when we disagree.

Close families and lifelong friendships are torn apart in our hyper-polarised now!


We all laugh; joking about lying politicians who never give a straight answer...

GOV CLOWNS politicians politics liars crooks thieves criminal racketeering actors

But anything more controversial is delegitimised by glib insults: nut-job conspiracy theory, left-wing/right-wing extremism.


As we argue with loved ones, we tempt the conceivable fate of losing everything.


big RED HEART love trust crayon drawing

Maybe politicians are doing their utmost to keep everyone SAFE and HAPPY.


WOLF in sheeps clothing government politician predator class blood flag state power murder vote tax

Or we could admit that EVERYONE is susceptible to human flaws: GREED, CORRUPTION, BRIBERY, FRAUD, BETRAYAL.


Whether our circumstances are engineered by wealthy sociopaths with deliberate, malicious intent. Or the result of careless negligence by public servants, unfit for office—the observable results remain:

Excessive interference in private life is now commonplace as so called 'AUTHORITIES' persist in acting way beyond our requirements with stunning arrogance.

LOCKDOWN covid climate emergency fifteen minute city track and trace police soldiers military riot guns terror state fascism


As human nature becomes increasingly prohibited to mitigate ever-more traumatising claims:

~our suspected carbon footprint, private vaccination status or assumed hatred fuelled by inferred privilege~

We swap free choice for revocable license, inviting totalitarian regulation.


Ceaseless authoritarianism is exhausting.

police man officer bobby abuse power rebel defiant antiauthoritarian anarchist acab never talk to cops

And I cannot  prove any of it applies to me.


As life grows more insufferable, it is futile to battle every expression of authoritarianism.

So I reject it

all-inclusive and without discrimination

in favour of living how I choose.

This concise book about power and authority describes 3 EASY PRINCIPLES to help you challenge unwanted interference or excessive control and prevent exploitation, oppression and tyranny.

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